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E. Ervin Tibbs

E. Ervin Tibbs was born into a family of migrant farm workers, camped under a fig tree in central California. It was 1939, the tail end of the Great Depression, and many still suffered its aftermath. In Europe, the dogs of war were straining at their leashes, but in the U.S., penny candy actually cost a penny.
Throughout his lifetime, Ervin has survived by being flexible. He has picked cotton, built boats, worked as a roustabout, served as a hitch in the U.S. Army Intelligence, and the list could go on much longer.
Ervin’s writing has been nominated for many awards. His short story “Winter Falcon” was the runner-up in the 1992 St. Martin’s Press Best New Detective contest. Another of his short stories, “The Shaman’s Apprentice,” was a finalist in the 2002 Time Warner Best Fantasy Contest.
He is now a retired chemist and spends his days building custom guitars and writing.

Books By E. Ervin Tibbs