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Sunset Tomorrow

Sunset Tomorrow

By E. Ervin Tibbs
Categories: Fiction, Historical, Friendship
Imprint: CamCat Books
Paperback (Revised edition) : 9780744301083, 224 pages, January 2021
Hardcover (Revised edition) : 9780744302066, 224 pages, January 2021
Ebook (EPUB) (Revised edition) : 9780744301106, 198 pages, January 2021
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744300475, 336 pages, January 2021

In this heartwarming story set on the California coastline against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, a group of beach bums have one night to grant the birthday wish of a child with cancer.


Jude and his friends are penniless, jobless, and spend most of their days at the Shack bartering for booze. They have known each other for years, yet they don’t know much about each other. That is until the group of misfits embark on a twenty-four hour adventure to fulfill the wish of a six-year old boy.

Toby has spent most of his life in hospitals fighting a rare cancer. All he wants for his birthday is a blue bicycle, but his mother can’t even afford to buy him a birthday cake. Jude and his friends make it their mission to grant this little boy’s birthday wish, but how will they raise enough money before sunset tomorrow?

Along the way, their drive, compassion, and courage transforms them from a band of misfits into genuine heroes. If they succeed, their lives could change forever.


“A rare gem . . . [This book] stayed with me for days after I finished reading it. . . . I look forward to Mr. Tibb’s next one with great anticipation. ” —Bill Wilbur, Author of Saragosa