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Jove Brand Is Near Death

The name is Allen. Ken Allen. These days Ken Allen is a nobody. But once upon a time, his name was Brand. Jove Brand. Eighteen years ago, Ken Allen played the famous fictional superspy in Near Death, ...

The Lady or the Lion

“He sunk his teeth into her heart and she let him. ”


As crown princess of Marghazar, Durkhanai Miangul will do anything to protect her people and her land. When her grandfather, the Badshah, is blamed ...

They Met in a Tavern

They used to be heroes . . . and it was all downhill from there.


The Starbreakers were your classic teenage heroes. Using their combined powers and skills, they were the most successful group of glintchasers ...

The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon

In a family like that, you won’t need enemies.  


In the waning days of the Catskills hotel era, Stanley and Rachel Roth, the owners of the Cuttman Hotel, were practically dynasty—third generation ...

Beneath the Marigolds

Playing on our universal fascination with reality TV, Emily Whitson’s Beneath the Marigolds is the Bachelor(ette) gone terribly wrong.


Reese Marigold saved Ann Stone from a life of addiction by introducing ...

A Measure of Serenity

A million thoughts, but only one right thing to do.

Eighteen-year-old Serenity Ashdown has a brilliant mind: she counts, calculates, and analyzes everything, all the time. Awkward. When her father suddenly ...