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Our Team


Sue Arroyo
CEO & Publisher

Sue Arroyo is the founder and Publisher of CamCat Books, the first imprint of CamCat Publishing. A visionary propelled by determination, she built CamCat at the intersection of emerging technology and authorial passion. She lives with two “ferocious” guard dogs and is tolerated by her grand-cat Gandalf the Gray.

Helga Schier_02032021

Helga Schier, PhD
Editorial Director

Helga has been in publishing for over 30 years, serving as editor, writer or translator at various publishing houses and as an independent consultant. Helga holds a PhD in literature and has published nonfiction and translations of several novels. When she’s not on the phone advising an author or curled up with a good book, she can be found jogging along the beach with her dog (a mutt), sipping coffee with friends or a glass of champagne with her husband. Helga lives in Southern California with said husband, two sons, three cats (yes, three) and that mutt.


Laura Wooffitt
Sales & Marketing Director

Laura is the Sales & Marketing Director at CamCat. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing Fiction from Eastern Kentucky University and has been in publishing for over five years in various capacities including reading author submissions for literary agents, managing book metadata, selling to Barnes & Noble, managing marketing and trade shows, and assisting with publicity campaigns. She enjoys arts and crafts like watercolor and knitting/crochet and loves to read fantasy novels and thrillers. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and two rescue dogs.


Maryann Appel
Art Director

Maryann is the Art Director at CamCat Books. She has over twenty-five years experience as a Graphic Designer, creating and producing designs for book covers and interior pages as well as a wide variety of promotional materials (print and digital). Maryann is an avid endurance bicyclist, enjoys traveling, and reading and writing. She lives in Ohio with her husband.


Bill Lehto
Business Director

Bill is the Business Director at CamCat Publishing. He has worked in book publishing for twenty years and before that was a bookstore manager. He holds a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a master's degree from Sonoma State University. Bill is an avid reader of various genres, always on the hunt for a great read. 


Gabe Schier
Digital Media Manager

Gabriel is the Digital Media Manager at CamCat Books, where he manages media content across various platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Gabriel also collects and analyzes market research data for CamCat Publishing. In his spare time, he can be found riding his motorcycle to his favorite overpriced coffee shops around Los Angeles.


Meredith Lyons
Production Director

Meredith is the production director and audiobook contact for CamCat. She has a BA in Theatre and a BA in Mass Communication, both from Louisiana State University. She has always had a love of reading, writing and organization. Many years ago she was a sales assistant for the Meredith Corporation working on Ladies Home Journal and MORE magazine. She lives in Nashville with her husband and two panther-sized cats who enjoy attending Zoom meetings whenever possible. 


Elana Gibson
Associate Editor/

Acquisitions Manager

Elana is CamCat’s Associate Editor and Acquisitions Manager. She is responsible for developmental editing titles as well as assessing submissions based on story mechanics, narrative structure, and developmental potential. Elana holds a BA in English and French from Grinnell College and is a graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course. Elana has been working with books since she was a library page in high school and loves nothing more than finding a riveting, one-of-a-kind read in the stacks. She spends her free time baking cookies and tackling the mountain of fantasy novels she checked out from the library. 


Abigail Miles
Sales and Marketing Associate

Abigail is the Sales & Marketing Associate at CamCat Books. She helps promote books through social media, newsletters, advertisement, and more. She is also an in-house proofreader. Abigail holds a BA in Creative Writing and a BA in Mathematics from Appalachian State University. She spends all of her free time baking, drinking too much tea, listening to ridiculous podcasts, and trying desperately to keep up with her reading challenge.

Kayla Photo

Kayla Webb
Content Assistant

Kayla holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University. For the past six years, she's worked as a writer in various marketing, social media, and editorial capacities for food and wine publications and brands. Now, as Content Assistant for CamCat, she's returning to the content she loves best: books! When she isn't reading for work, she's reading for fun while basking in the sunniest spots in her apartment alongside her two cats.


Jessica Homami
Media Coordinator

There’s nothing Jess loves more than cozying up with a cup of coffee and a good book (other than, maybe, a nice long hike with her dog). She’s always on the hunt for her new favorite story. Now, as she embarks on her latest adventure at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, she not only gets to play a role in the production and distribution of new stories, but she also gets to be a member of the amazing CamCat team. What a treat! 


Nicole DeLise
Publishing Coordinator

Nicole is the Publishing Coordinator at CamCat Books, after spending several months as a Publishing Intern. She recently graduated with a BA in Publishing and English from Belmont University. During her time in undergrad, Nicole completed multiple internships, including a position on the staff of Belmont Story Review, a national literary magazine. In her free time, she likes to read, write, knit, and listen to Original Broadway Cast Recordings.

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Camryn Flowers
Publishing Coordinator

Camryn is a Publishing Assistant for CamCat focusing on Editorial and Acquisitions. She holds a BA in Political Science from Auburn University. In her free time, she reads her stack of ever-growing books and writes her own blurbs of fiction. She lives in Colorado with her husband and 3 pets.

MC Smitherman Headshot

MC Smitherman
Marketing Assistant

MC is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts.