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History got it wrong. I survived.

Anastasia Romanov and her younger brother Alexei escape their family’s execution when a bullet strikes Anastasia’s garnet necklace, transporting them to a parallel universe. Thi ...


Silver bullets aren’t enough to protect your heart.

For Liam Hunter, monster hunting is a way of life—a family tradition passed down for generations. But when campers are murdered in the woods, their hearts r ...


A 2024 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Gold Medal Winner

“A brutal, suspenseful, and surprising read with an unforgettable protagonist.” —School Library Journal, Starred Review

“Utterly riveting from beginning t ...

New Eden

The fight for the future of the whales has just begun.

Kim Teng is committed to escorting Earth’s last whales to the paradise planet of New Eden. But as Seiiki draws closer to New Eden, Kim must learn to ...