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By Kellyn Carni
Categories: Young Adult Fiction, Historical, Alternative History, Europe, Royalty, Siblings, General
Imprint: CamCat Books
Hardcover : 9780744311051, 320 pages, January 2025
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780744311112, January 2025
Audiobook (Unabridged edition) : 9780744311204, January 2025
Expected to ship: 2025-01-14
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Anastasia Romanov escapes her family’s execution when a magical necklace transports her and her brother to an alternate 1918 Russia on the brink of its own revolution.


History got it wrong. I survived.

Anastasia Romanov and her younger brother Alexei escape their family’s execution when a bullet strikes Anastasia’s garnet necklace, transporting them to a parallel universe. This alternate Russia is a second chance. Anastasia wants to save her family, Alexei wants the throne, and they plan to travel the infinite multiverse to find a world in which both are possible.

When Alexi is mistaken for the tsarevich of this dimension, he is brought to the Winter Palace, where he eagerly starts impersonating his doppelganger, playing the role that was stolen from him in his own world. To maintain his façade, he must deceive everyone—including Anastasia.

Anastasia just needs time to grieve and heal after losing everything that defined her, but Alexei’s lies lead her on a journey through the alternate Russia. With rebellion brewing, she is determined to save this world’s Romanovs—and Alexei—before they meet the same fate as her own family.

For readers who enjoy Anastasia by Sophie Lark, The Crowns Game by Evelyn Skye, and Romanov by Nadine Brandes.