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Snowbird - The Rise and Fall of a Drug Smuggler


The Rise and Fall of a Drug Smuggler

By William Norris
Categories: True Crime, Organized Crime, Biography & Autobiography, Criminals & Outlaws
Imprint: CamCat Perspectives
Paperback (Revised edition) : 9780744300765, 272 pages, July 2020
Hardcover (Revised edition) : 9781931540230, 288 pages, April 2021
Ebook (EPUB) (Revised edition) : 9780744300772, 284 pages, July 2020
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744300307, 352 pages, July 2020
Audiobook : 9780744301601, October 2021
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Investigative journalist William Norris sits down with pilot Andrew Richard Barnes to recount the crimes and dangers that riddled his flights carrying the very first shipments of cocaine for the Medellín Cartel into the United States throughout the 1970s and '80s.


A decade of crime, treachery, and adventures of the Medellin Cartel.

Andrew Richard Barnes survived crashes, gunfire, treachery, and betrayal and still lived to tell the tale. Snowbird explores the heinous crimes and dangerous expeditions of the man who flew the first cocaine shipment for the Medellín Cartel into the United States.

As a young pilot with a family at home and little money to spare, Barnes was easily coerced by promises of wealth to make these daring excursions. After his first trip in 1977, he realized there was no going back and continued the dangerous flights for over a decade.

William Norris sits down with Barnes as he recounts his experience smuggling drugs for the Columbian cartel. As a pilot himself, Norris includes anecdotes of aircrafts and flying intertwined with Barnes’s captivating drug smuggling adventures.


“A truly interesting story that was hard to put down. I was a Federal Agent working in South Florida at the time and this book is definitely factually correct. I generally rate few books but this was a value packed exciting read that I highly recommend. It was very well written and flows easily. ” —Douglas R. Skinner, Amazon reviewer