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Fool Her Once

Fool Her Once

By Joanna Elm
Categories: Fiction, Domestic, Psychological, Crime
Imprint: CamCat Books
Audiobook (Unabridged edition) : 9780744304794, March 2022
Hardcover : 9780744304930, 416 pages, March 2022
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780744304817, 368 pages, March 2022
Paperback : 9780744304893, 416 pages, February 2023
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744304923, 576 pages, March 2022

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Investigative reporter Jenna Sinclair, convinced that the man who attacked her former lover is now stalking her family, must find the man she exposed as a serial killer's illegitimate son, and follows a trail that leads to a devastating discovery.


Some killers are born. Others are made.

As a rookie tabloid reporter, Jenna Sinclair made a tragic mistake when she outed Denny Dennison, the illegitimate son of an executed serial killer. So she hid behind her marriage and motherhood. Now, decades later, betrayed by her husband and resented by her teenage daughter, Jenna decides to resurrect her career—and returns to the city she loves.

When her former lover is brutally assaulted outside Jenna’s NYC apartment building, Jenna suspects that Denny has inherited his father’s psychopath gene and is out for revenge. She knows she must track him down before he can harm his next target, her daughter.

Meanwhile, her estranged husband, Zack, fears that her investigative reporting skills will unearth his own devastating secret he’d kept buried in the past.

From New York City to the remote North Fork of Long Island and the murky waters surrounding it, Jenna rushes to uncover the terrible truth about a psychopath and realizes her own investigation may save or destroy her family.


“This one really stops the presses! This terrific thriller mixes blood and ink . . . [A] sizzling read that will leave you on the edge of your seat.” —Barry Levine, author of The Spider and All the President’s Women, Pulitzer Prize-nominated veteran investigative reporter and editor, and Huffington Post “Game Changer” award winner

“Joanna Elm has masterfully crafted a stunning thriller that has it all: a beautifully flawed protagonist who we can't help but root for; a complex antagonist with a tragic past; a setting alive with vivid details, and a gripping story with cascading tension that explodes in the well-earned climax. Well done, Elm.” —Gregory Lee Renz, author of Beneath the Flames

“Full of stunning twists and surprises, and you won’t see the ending coming. Read it!” —R.G. Belsky, award-winning author of the Clare Carlson mystery series

“[T]his well-constructed mystery . . . provides some nice misdirection and loads the plot with liars and murky, shifting motives . . . readers will be satisfied.” —Publishers Weekly

“. . . [Joanna Elm's] writing intricately weaves lovers, both former and present, in such a way that any one of them could be suspect for murder.” —Lois Cahall, #1 bestselling author, Plan C: Just In Case; Founder, The Palm Beach Book Festival

“From the hustle and bustle of Manhattan to the serenity of the Kings Inn and Marina on the North Fork, readers are in for a thrilling ride. Fool Her Once features riveting characters who will do anything to keep their secrets. This is my sleeper hit of 2022, coming in silently and setting off all sorts of explosive charges to earn a spot on my keeper shelf.” —Novels Alive

Fool Her Once is timely in exploring the theme of nature vs. nurture in forming personality and behavior . . . a good diversion in our trying times.” —The Southampton Press