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The Mechanics of Memory

The Mechanics of Memory

By Audrey Lee
Categories: Fiction, General, Crime & Mystery, Technological
Imprint: CamCat Books
Paperback : 9780744310450, 496 pages, August 2024
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780744310436, August 2024
Audiobook : 9780744310474, August 2024
Hardcover : 9780744310399, 320 pages, August 2024
Expected to ship: 2024-08-13
Expected to ship: 2024-08-13

Seeking to recover a lost year of memories through a company specializing in recovering memories and erasing trauma, a woman slowly unearths fragmented clues to her past life when suddenly fellow residents start disappearing.


Beware of false memories. They keep secrets and tell lies.

Memory is Copeland-Stark’s business. Yet after months of reconsolidation treatments at their sleek new flagship facility, Hope Nakano still has no idea what happened to her lost year, or the life she was just beginning to build with her one great love. Each procedure surfaces fragmented clues which erode Hope’s trust in her own memories, especially the ones of Luke. As inconsistencies mount, her search for answers reveals a much larger secret Copeland-Stark is determined to protect.

But everyone has secrets, including Hope.