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Claw Heart Mountain

Claw Heart Mountain

By David Oppegaard
Categories: Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Suspense
Imprint: CamCat Books
Hardcover : 9780744307504, 320 pages, January 2023
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780744307535, January 2023
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744307528, 464 pages, January 2023
Audiobook (Unabridged edition) : 9780744307559, January 2023
Paperback : 9780744307511, 320 pages, January 2024

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On their way to a remote mountain cabin, a group of college friends discover fifteen million dollars in an abandoned armored van. They take the money, unaware that a killer is after the cash and a legendary creature haunts the mountain.


A 2024 IPPY Award Bronze Medal Winner

Claw Heart Mountain is beautifully written.” —HorrorDNA

“Anyone looking for gripping natural horror should check this out.” —Publishers Weekly

What happens when good people make one bad decision?

Imagine you are on the way to a remote mountain cabin with your friends. Upon arrival, you discover an abandoned armored van with fifteen million dollars on board. Would you take the money?

Nova and her friends answer with a resounding yes. Perhaps their answer would have been different had they known that a professional killer was already tracking down the money. Or that a legendary creature known as the Wraith roams the mountain, ravenous with hunger.

Thinking they’re safe and anonymous, Nova and her friends divvy up the stolen cash, unaware who or what is after them, unaware that soon they will be fighting for their lives.

For readers who enjoy The Ritual by Adam Nevill and The Terror by Dan Simmons.


  • Winner, IPPY Bronze Award - Horror 2024


“Anyone looking for gripping natural horror should check this out.” Publishers Weekly

Claw Heart Mountain is beautifully written.” —HorrorDNA

“Oppegaard . . . keeps the action moving at the speed of an action thriller or a slasher movie, giving the novel a frenetic pace that makes it a fun read.” Library Journal