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The Benefits of Author Branding and Professionalism

The Benefits of Author Branding and Professionalism

By CamCat Books Date: August 04, 2023 Tags: For Authors

by Camryn Flowers

How does one become a professional author? 

The answer is a difficult one to give. Professionalism can sometimes mean different things depending on what industry you’re in. When it comes to being an author, it means how you write and interact with others. To be a professional author, treat writing like a job. Whether you are over or underqualified for it is irrelevant. You are a single-employee business and your product is your work.

When businesses make a product, they have a brand they adhere to for marketing. Your name is your brand; it markets your book. Your book is your product, and it makes you money. For example, take John Green. Most people know him as the guy who writes YA books that make you cry and simultaneously as Youtube’s Crash Course guy #1. Crash Course guy #2 is his brother Hank Green, author of sci-fi novels and now also known for his TikTok explanations for literally anything you can think of. Want to know what the recycling numbers actually mean? Or why wildfires sometimes smell like plastic? He’s your guy. 

So, what does looking at the Green brothers show us? Well, when people see John’s name, they know what kind of book they’re getting into and the quality of the writing. If they follow him on social media they know what kind of person he is. And that’s the meat of being a professional author: your image toward the public. If you’re on social media attacking people or being hostile, people aren’t going to want to read your books.  

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow:

Simply put, professionalism is respect. In publishing, it’s respect for your fellow authors, editors, publishers, marketers, and countless others that help turn your work into a bestseller. Your book is your product. Your name is your brand. Both of these things are important and help illustrate a professional image. Following the guidelines outlined above (and in countless other resources on professionalism) can help you curate your brand alongside your novel. 

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