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Celebrating CamCat Books’ 2023 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalists

Celebrating CamCat Books’ 2023 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalists

By CamCat Books Date: August 18, 2023 Tags: Company News

We’re so proud to share the following CamCat Books titles that are 2023 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalists!

Finalists are chosen from hundreds of submissions. The goal of Killer Nashville is to create a great reading list of books in selected categories, as well as to help authors increase the sales and popularity of their books.

Winners in each category will be announced at the 2023 Killer Nashville Awards Ceremony on Saturday, August 19, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. Read about the finalists here.

Come out to Killer Nashville to meet up with CamCat authors! You can read more about the conference and their awards programs here.


2023 Finalist for Best Juvenile/YA:

“It’s 1988 in Elsewhere, New York, and Astrid Friedman-Smith knows something is off about the town’s obsession with a powerful and very beautiful teen girl . . . an interesting take on power, bullying, and fear.”

Kirkus Reviews 


2023 Finalists for Best Investigator:

“[In this] intriguing debut . . . clear crisp prose . . . morphs from a western into a detective story with an overlay of conspiracy theories.”

Publishers Weekly

“This genre-defying and enormously entertaining romp is Mickey Spillane meets Whitley Strieber meets Woody Allen. I can’t remember when I’ve had so much plain old fun reading a book and just didn’t want it to end.”—Historical Novel Society, Editor’s Choice

“A riveting thriller with a spine-tingling edge.”

—Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling thriller author

“In the atmospheric and thrilling novel The Photo Thief, a detective and a teenager come together to put a series of murders to rest.”

Foreword Reviews 


2023 Finalist for Best Mystery:

“Murphy keeps the tension high by skillfully alternating chapters told from the points of view of Val, Terry, and Bridget. Their overlapping stories raise tantalizing questions: how are their lives connected, and might there be an evil spirit lurking on the Franklin Hotel’s 13th floor? Readers will eagerly turn the pages to find out.”

Publishers Weekly

“[A] riveting tale . . .”

Library Journal


2023 Finalist for Best Supernatural:

“[An] unholy mash-up of creepy, high-body-count paranormal thrills . . . Readers will find themselves well sated before the end.”

Publishers Weekly

“This was an outstanding blend of horror, speculative fiction, and apocalyptic fantasy topped with madness . . . The Girl in the Corn is one of the first great horror novels of 2022.”

—Horror DNA


2023 Finalists for Best Sci-fi/Fantasy:

“Subtle yet effective world-building, deftly drawn characters, and a dynamite premise elevate Johnston’s latest, which is, by turns, a speculative thriller, a decidedly nontraditional murder mystery, and a love letter to all forms of stage magic.” 

Mystery Scene Magazine

“[A] deeply satisfying tale that compellingly depicted both the magic of stagecraft and the power of good people coming together to affect meaningful change.” 

Criminal Element

“Every once in a decade you read a genre bending thrill ride in the world of a sci-fi thriller that’ll grip you from the first to the last page. Madison Lawson is one of my favorite authors, and I can’t wait to read the next humdinger of a thriller.” 

The Strand Magazine

“VERDICT Lawson delivers a compelling dystopian near-future tale . . .” 

Library Journal