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CamCat News May 2024

CamCat News May 2024

By CamCat Books Date: June 03, 2024 Tags: Company News

We are excited for the start of summer at CamCat Books, with exciting new releases and great reviews!


New Releases:

Dust Spells by Andrea Lynn, out 5/7/2024

“A spirited blend of fairy tale and deeply researched historical fiction. Readers will root for Stella, a heroine as gritty as the dust-blown plains she longs to escape.” —Kathryn Williams, author of The Storyteller

“History meets the fairy tale realm, in a wonderful story about what it means to be good.” —Kathryn Barker, author of Waking Romeo

“The author makes the most of every page in this short novel, bringing to life characters who are worth supporting. The compelling narrative seamlessly blends genres as it unfolds against the harsh, dusty backdrop . . . A captivating story filled with suspense and magic.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Lynn weaves historical fiction, fairy tale lore, and simmering romance to craft an electric and harrowing Dust Bowl–era debut . . . With one foot entrenched in the brutal reality of the Great Depression and the other in a fantastical utopia, the novel never sacrifices the urgency of human need while establishing its supernatural charm.” Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“A cautionary ‘Be careful what you wish for’ tale that melds 20th-century history with fantasy elements . . . perfect for fans of fairy tales like ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’ or the atmospheric allure of Libba Bray’s Diviners series.” —Booklist

The Shabti by Megaera C. Lorenz, out 5/21/2024

“Enormously enjoyable, atmospheric, satisfyingly informed with real knowledge, and a pleasure to read: I gulped it down in two sittings.” —K. J. Charles, author of The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen

“With her beautifully nuanced main characters, and secondary characters who fill the stage around them with wry humor and calibrated malevolence, Megaera Lorenz has created a rich and textured novel that, in the end, is greatly satisfying.” —Ulysses Grant Dietz, author of Cliffhanger

“I adored this book! Dashiel is a fascinating, complicated character and his romance with Hermann is simply lovely. Romance, intrigue, and excitement—The Shabti has it all.” —Jordan L. Hawk, author of Widdershins

“Lorenz’s debut novel is completely original and utterly marvelous. A mix of horror, suspense, romance, and humor, informed by the author’s knowledge of Egyptology, makes for a story you won’t want to have end.” —Elisa DeCarlo, award-winning author of The Devil You Say and Strong Spirits

“Megaera Lorenz’s delightful tale of a spiritualist debunker who faces his own worst nightmare takes readers on a chilling journey filled with all the vivid imagery and thrills of classic horror stories. I couldn't put it down! The Shabti is a must for fans of Egyptology and archaeology.” —M. A. Monnin, Agatha Award-nominated author of the Intrepid Traveler Mystery series

“This diverse period piece will appeal to a wide array . . . as it pulls from genres ranging from historical fiction and thriller to romance and fantasy; a fine selection for its genre-crossing interest.” —Booklist

“[T]he novel is distinguished by its characterizations. Hermann is endearing—quiet, unassuming, and wholesome. . . . Even so, it’s Dashiel who steals the show.” Foreword Reviews, a Foreword Book of the Day

Out in Paperback:

Citizen Orlov by Jonathan Payne

“[An] enjoyable comic fable—one that may cause readers to think twice about ever answering someone else’s phone.” —Wall Street Journal

“The blend of action and picaresque buffoonery flatteringly calls Conan Doyle’s Brigadier Gerard tales to mind, and Payne pulls off a genuinely surprising conclusion. This auspicious debut announces a bright new voice in comic suspense.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“This is the most fun spy thriller we’ve read in ages . . . First-time novelist Jonathan Payne mixes Franz Kafka’s surreal absurdism with the ingenious plotting of Graham Greene’s spy novels, then adds a hilarious layer of deadpan comedy. Written in short chapters filled with exciting left turns, Citizen Orlov barrels along. We wouldn’t mind at all if this turned out to be the start of a series.” —Apple Books Review

“Jonathan Payne's Citizen Orlov is a stunning debut! A page turning, down-the-rabbit-hole delight, told with equal measure of wit and suspense. A timeless classic for our current moment; a paranoid and comic thriller with a surprise on every page. I loved it!” —Don Scardino, Producer/Director, 30 Rock, New Amsterdam

“A triumph—and an answer to that age-old question of what would have happened had Gogol, Kafka and G. K. Chesterton collaborated on a thriller. A timeless work which will, I fear, be forever timely.” —Dixe Wills, author of Places to Hide and New World Order

“Highly engaging, and written with an engaging lightness of touch, Citizen Orlov marks the debut of a comic novelist to watch for the future.” —Dr. Adam Lively, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing & Programme Leader, MA Novel Writing, Middlesex University

“Being There meets Catch-22 in this by turns raucous, nail-biting and hilarious send-up of government corruption and bureaucratic incompetence. With an assured voice and wit to spare, Jonathan Payne is a writer on the rise.” —E.G. Scott, international bestselling author of The Rule of Three

New on the Podcast:

Our latest Writing Challenge episode is up now on CamCat Unwrapped! Four of our Paranormal Mystery authors, Meredith R. Lyons (Ghost Tamer), Terry S. Friedman (Bone Pendant Girls), J. L. Delozier (The Photo Thief), and D. B. Woodling (The Immortal Detective) came on to the podcast to collaborate on a short story. Listen to the episode, as well as audiobook excerpts and author interviews, wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

CamCat Trade Reviews

Publishers Weekly reviewed The Building That Wasn't by Abigail Miles: “[T]antalizing and surreal . . . Miles takes her time teasing out the building’s bizarre powers, while the intrigue surrounding the origins of its otherworldly residents keeps the pages turning. This genre-bending mystery satisfies.”

Foreword Reviews reviewed A Misfortune of Lake Monsters by Nicole M. Wolverton: “High stakes and an endearing romance rocket the thriller A Misfortune of Lake Monsters to mythical heights.”

Library Journal reviewed The Summer of Love and Death by Marcy McCreary: “VERDICT: McCreary’s entertaining police procedural stands apart with its rich characterization and exploration of life’s complexities beyond the central crime. This is a series to watch and to suggest to fans of Ellen Hart’s Jane Lawless novels.”

Booklist reviewed When I Was Alice by Jennifer Murgia: “As she seeks the truth, Grace does the acting job of her life, not only to learn Alice’s lines but also to save herself. This is Murgia’s first adult novel, and it will appeal to fans of 1950s films and light sf.”

AudioFile Magazine reviewed the audiobook for Hidden Rooms by Kate Michaelson: “Larsen uses spot-on pacing to build the tension as twists and red herrings keep listeners guessing.”

AudioFile Magazine reviewed the audiobook for Dust Spells by Andrea Lynn: “Narrator Kelli Tager creates a strong sense of place through the Dust Bowl denizens she gives voice to in this fairytale-esque historical drama.”

AudioFile Magazine reviewed the audiobook for The Shabti by Megaera C. Lorenz: “Haynes's voices allow the listener to move smoothly through the twists and turns of the mystery and enjoy the slow-moving romance between the two men. As the danger heats up, Haynes keeps the pacing and the tone of the characters building the suspense.”

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