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3 Stellar Sci-Fi Adventures

3 Stellar Sci-Fi Adventures

By CamCat Books Date: May 23, 2023 Tags: Books to Live In

Written by MC Smitherman

Adventure is a peculiar thing, isn’t it? One minute you're rooting around your grandparents’ bookstore, and the next you're on an intergalactic journey and getting woefully underpaid. Or you're quietly curing cancer and parenting dinosaurs in your basement super-lab one day, when all of a sudden your brother decides to take over a city, and a bunch of superheroes try to rope you into the mess. Maybe you were already on one adventure, running away with the circus, only to be dragged through the rips and tears of a surprisingly fragile space-time continuum on a different adventure. No matter what kind of shenanigans you find yourself getting up to or what locales you visit (willingly or not), the call to adventure isn’t something you can simply deny. It’s a persistent thing, that call.

And guess what.

You’re getting the call now!

Here at CamCat, we’ve got some spectacular sci-fi adventures with crazy creatures and loads of laughs in store. If you’re ready to journey the galaxy and exterminate some intergalactic pests, saddle on up with the award-winning Intergalactic Exterminators, Inc by Ash Bishop. Or you could always skip the “space” in “space-time” and bounce across the timeline with So You Had To Build A Time Machine by Jason Offutt. Finally, you could focus that lens on one city and pal around with Rex and her horde of cloned dinosaurs in The Meister of Decimen City by Brenna Raney. These smart, silly, and unique novels are all stellar rides for all you space cowboys, so give them a go now!


Intergalactic Exterminators, Inc

Finding work is easy. Staying alive is a little bit harder. 

When Russ Wesley finds an unusual artifact in his grandfather’s collection of rare antiquities, the last thing he expects is for it to draw the attention of a ferocious alien from a distant planet. Equally surprising is the adventurous team of intergalactic exterminators dispatched to deal with the alien threat. They’re a little wild, and a little reckless. Worse yet, they’re so impressed with Russ’s marksmanship that they insist he join their squad . . . whether he wants to or not.


So You Had To Build A Time Machine

Skid doesn’t believe in ghosts or time travel or any of that nonsense. 

A circus runaway-turned-bouncer, she believes in hard work, self-defense, and good strong coffee. Then one day an annoying theoretical physicist named Dave pops into the seat next to her at her least favorite Kansas City bar and disappears into thin air when she punches him (he totally deserved it). 

Now, street names are changing, Skid’s favorite muffins are swapping frosting flavors, Dave keeps reappearing in odd places like the old Sanderson murder house—and that’s only the start of her problems. 

Something has gone wrong. Terribly wrong. Absolutely *$&ed up. 

Someone has the nastiest versions of every conceivable reality at their fingertips, and they're not afraid to smash them together. With the help of a smooth-talking haunted house owner and a linebacker-sized Dungeons and Dragons-loving baker, Skid and Dave set out to save the world from whatever scientific experiment has sent them all dimension-hopping against their will. 

It probably means the world is screwed.


The Meister of Decimen City

No one cares that you cured cancer if you also cloned a horde of dinosaurs and let them rampage down the street.

Supergenius and quasi-villain Rex normally can’t go a week without accidentally endangering Decimen City with her science shenanigans. It’s been two weeks since her genetically engineered dinosaurs rampaged through town—a good streak for her—but the peace is broken when actual villain Last Dance sets his sights on Decimen. And he wants Rex’s help. Before Rex can say “I didn’t do it,” superheroes who’ve dragged her to jail on her worst days are crowding her lab to conscript her into quasi-herodom.

Rex would rather stay out of it and deal with the dinosaurs that keep calling her Mom, but she can’t ignore that she was somewhat responsible for Last Dance’s villainy. She’d kept a very disorganized lab. And he was such a nosy brother. She failed to help him back then, but maybe if she stops him now—and keeps the heroes fooled—she can finally set things right.


Thank you so much for checking out our recommendations. We think no matter which books you choose, each one on this list will have you laughing while you get lost in fantastic worlds. 

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