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Submission FAQs

We ask a lot of detailed questions on our Submission Questionnaire, located at

We suggest you keep this page open as you work through the questionnaire, and if any of the questions stump ...

Books to Live In

Books to Live In

What exactly is a book to live in?

Think about your favorite books. The ones you keep, when others are donated to the library to make room for new reads. The ones with dog-ears because you couldn’t ...

Submission Resources

Still need some help with our Submission Questionnaire? Here are some additional resources for you.

Author Profile Resources

Should You Be Using a Pen Name? by Helen Sedwick

How To Publish Anonymously Under ...

Vaneh Assadourian

Vaneh Assadourian is a Los Angeles-based Actor and Director born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Vaneh moved to the United States in 2007 and received her BA from UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television ...

A.S. Thornton

A. S. Thornton is the author of Daughter of the Salt King (CamCat Books, 2021). She has evolved from book blogger to author with a particular fondness for writing forbidden love in ancient deserts. She ...