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Building a Marvelous, Believable Magic System at the Genre-LA™ Creative Writing Conference

Virtual Oct 26 05:00 pm

Magic systems vary from colorful bears with tummy badges to ritual blood sacrifices. Magic isn’t real, so it can be anything we want. But that doesn’t mean all magic systems work equally well for stories. But it does need to be well-planned and consistent to avoid annoying plot holes. Learn to add realism and depth to your world while still leaving room for new and interesting changes. Brandie June will be moderating. Other panelists include: C. R. Rowenson, Laurel Anne Hill, Brennan Harvey, Chrome Oxide. 5pm PST

Basing Your Fiction On Historical Facts at the Genre-LA™ Creative Writing Conference

Virtual Oct 27 05:00 pm

Learn the different ways to research--libraries, travel, interviewing people, etc--the best places to find primary sources, and then how to use your material in a novel. We'll answer the questions: can you change historical facts for fiction? How do you make the past feel real on the page? How to you spot anachronisms? And more.
An overview with lots of tips for researching a book or a story. 5pm PST