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The Girl in the Corn

The Girl in the Corn

By Jason Offutt
Categories: Fiction, Horror
Imprint: CamCat Books
Hardcover : 9780744304992, 368 pages, January 2022
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744304480, 576 pages, January 2022
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780744304510, January 2022
Audiobook : 9780744304589, January 2022
Expected to ship: 2022-01-11
Expected to ship: 2022-01-11

Thomas teams up with the girl in the corn to save her world⎯and his⎯only to realize that he may not be able to distinguish good from evil before evil swallows them whole.


Sometimes beauty belongs in darkness.

Fairies don’t exist. At least that’s what Thomas Cavanaugh’s parents say. But the events that one night, when he follows a fairy into the cornfield on his parents’ farm, prove them wrong. What seems like a destructive explosion was, Thomas knows, an encounter with the Empty that threatens to destroy the fairie’s world⎯and his sanity. Years later, after a troubled childhood and a series of dead-end jobs, he is still haunted by what he saw that night. One day he crosses paths with the beautiful young woman and the troubled young man he first met as a kid while under psychiatric care after his encounters in the cornfield. Has fate brought them together? Are they meant to join forces to save the fairie’s world and their own? Or is one of them not who they claim to be?