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The Dead Won't Tell

The Dead Won't Tell

By S. K. Waters
Categories: Fiction, Women Sleuths, Amateur Sleuth, Private Investigators
Imprint: CamCat Books
Audiobook (Unabridged edition) : 9780744306149, September 2022
Hardcover : 9780744306019, 368 pages, September 2022
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780744306057, September 2022
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744306040, 532 pages, September 2022
Paperback : 9780744306033, 368 pages, September 2023

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Hired to investigate a cold-case murder involving her former mentor, a novice journalist’s questions about race and police coverups in the 1960s ruffles one too many feathers, putting her family into the real killer’s crosshairs.


What lies in the past should not be uncovered.

When Abbie Adams, a historian-turned-journalist, is hired to investigate a cold-case murder from 1969, she jumps at the chance. But soon after she begins researching the case, she realizes that Frank Wexler, the faculty advisor who tanked her thesis and a member of a powerful family in town, is connected to the crime and is definitely not talking.

As Abbie tracks down the remaining living witnesses, she slowly pieces together the events of that fateful night, and yet is not a single step closer to solving the case. Were the police back then told to stand down? To cover up the crime?

When her witnesses suddenly wind up dead, it becomes clear that Abbie has stumbled upon a sensitive truth that threatens to tear the fabric of the southern town apart. The killer could still be out there, and now he could be hunting her.


The Dead Won’t Tell is a remarkable and impressive debut. S. K. Waters does it all, from the rich, enveloping setting of a small town in the deep South to convincing action scenes that would be at home in a Lee Child thriller. Highly recommended, engaging and entertaining!”—Kris Calvin, award-winning author of Under A Broken Sky

“VERDICT Waters’s first novel is an engrossing mix of small-town lack of privacy, quirky friendships, feisty women, and several plot twists that truly do surprise . . .” Library Journal

“Proving that the dead will tell if you know how to listen, historian and journalist Abbie Adams solves a fifty year old cold case in her small Southern town. Using her newspaper's morgue, archives, old maps, and the memories of the few townspeople left who still remember the night of Rosalie DuFrayne's murder, Abbie unearths secrets the citizens of Hunt's Landing thought were buried with the dead girl. Readers who prefer an amateur sleuth who uses traditional research skills and local knowledge will enjoy The Dead Won't Tell by S.K. Waters.” —M. E. Hilliard, author of The Unkindness of Ravens