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The Darkness Surrounds Us

The Darkness Surrounds Us

By Gail Lukasik
Categories: Fiction, Gothic, Historical, Supernatural
Imprint: CamCat Books
Hardcover : 9780744302899, 352 pages, September 2023
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744305647, 480 pages, September 2023
Ebook (EPUB) : 9780744305654, September 2023
Audiobook : 9780744305715, September 2023
Expected to ship: 2023-09-05
Expected to ship: 2023-09-05
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Nellie Lester flees Chicago and the 1918 Spanish flu to take a nursing job at a decrepit manor on a desolate island, where she must grapple with a ghostly presence to find out if the murder of the prior nurse is connected to her family’s past.


A Ghostly Window Into the Past

Nurse Nellie Lester can’t escape death. Fleeing Chicago at the height of the 1918 Spanish flu, she takes a nursing job at a decrepit mansion on a desolate Michigan island, convinced the island holds the secret to her mother’s murky past. The only problem? Her dead mother seems to have followed her there. Nightly she’s haunted by a ghostly presence that appears in her bedroom. But is it her mother or something more sinister?

When the frozen body of the prior nurse is unearthed, Nellie suspects the nurse’s death and her family’s history are connected to a mysterious group that disappeared from the island twenty-four years earlier.

As winter closes in, past and present collide resurrecting a lurid killer, hell-bent on keeping the island’s secrets. Will Nellie uncover her mother’s shocking past before the killer enacts his final revenge?


“If you like classic Gothic mysteries with a dash of ghostly shadowing, then The Darkness Surrounds Us is for you. Author Lukasik delivers an engaging concoction, set in 1918, that consists of all the right ingredients: a young nurse protagonist with a puzzle in her past, a creepy and isolated island setting, an old creaky mansion that rivals Manderley, a colorful and suspiciously sinister supporting cast, and the discoveries of a corpse or two. Atmospheric and poetic, this is a tale that will keep you turning the pages until you reach the final, startling revelation.” —Raymond Benson, author of The Mad, Mad Murders of Marigold Way