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Hex Breaker

Hex Breaker

By Stella Drexler
Categories: Fiction, Urban Life, Dark Fantasy, Contemporary
Imprint: CamCat Books
Paperback (Revised edition) : 9780744300642, 288 pages, December 2020
Hardcover (Revised edition) : 9780744301939, 288 pages, December 2020
Ebook (EPUB) (Revised edition) : 9780744301144, 282 pages, December 2020
Paperback (Large print edition) : 9780744300659, 448 pages, December 2020
Audiobook : 9780744301946, December 2020
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A hex breaker, a former dark magician, and an expert on love magic race against time to figure out which enemy from their past wants them all dead.


The two worst kinds of cases: love and death.

Alexandra Quinn and Rio Mondragon run a successful magician-for-hire business, mostly handling small-time magical crimes like hexes and love potions. They operate under the watchful eye of the Bureau of Magical Affairs, who want to pass a law requiring all magic users to wear scarlet letters, but so far they've been able to stay under the radar since Quinn is involved with a BMA agent who turns a blind eye to their rule-breaking.

That fragile balance shatters the day Quinn and Rio’s old classmate—wealthy club owner and convicted dark wizard Devin Rayne—hires them to find out who is trying to kill him. Quinn blames Rayne and his dark magic for the death of her boyfriend ten years ago, and she's not ready to let the past ago.

Unfortunately, some of their former enemies have the same idea, and Quinn's traitorous heart isn't helping the case, either.