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CamCat News March 2024

CamCat News March 2024

By CamCat Books Date: April 04, 2024 Tags: Company News

This month, Publishers Weekly announced to the industry our Founder and CEO, Sue Arroyo’s, sudden passing. She will be greatly missed, and the CamCat team is committed to continuing her legacy by publishing more Books to Live In


New Releases:

The Stricken by Morgan Shamy, out 3/5/2024

“The original premise stands out, and the worldbuilding is meticulous.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[T]his intriguing read by Shamy (The Dollmaker, for adults) provides much in the way of unique and interesting concepts that turn many classic high-fantasy genre beats on their heads.” —Publishers Weekly

“Layers of self-discovery across multiple dimensions make The Stricken a unique, page-turning tale.” —Foreword Reviews

“Riveting with its unique magic and world-building, The Stricken will keep you guessing with new twists on every page.” —Rosalyn Briar, USA Today bestselling author

“An adventurous fantasy with twists and turns you’ll never see coming and characters that breathe life into the pages. A unique experience to be had!” —Carly Spade, USA Today bestselling author

Calypso Down by James Lindholm, out 3/19/2024

“VERDICT: Fans of James Bond and the MacGyver TV series will adore this fast-paced, undersea thriller featuring a dynamic duo-type relationship.” —Library Journal

“Lindholm’s high-octane fourth adventure for Chris Black . . . keeps things brisk and exciting. Series fans will be more than satisfied.” —Publishers Weekly

Calypso Down provides the perfect collision of action, intrigue, and marine science, all told through the expert lens of a seasoned aquanaut.” —Emma Hickerson, Aquanaut and Member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame

Space Holes: First Transmission by B. R. Louis, out 3/26/2024

“This novel combines the over-the-top satire and sheer corporate bureaucratic farce of the movie Office Space and sets it in a universe reminiscent of John Scalzi’s Redshirts with its parody/homage to Star Trek.” —Library Journal

“Absolutely hilarious. Late-stage capitalism meets Douglas Adams—sharp humor, and sharp sci-fi!” —Jeff Somers, author of The Electric Church and Writing Without Rules

Space Holes: First Transmission is an amusing absurdist romp full of sharp social satire, whimsical characters, and quite a lot of explosions. It’s sure to please any sci-fi comedy enthusiast.” —Marcus Alexander Hart, author of the Galaxy Cruise saga

Space Holes is a raucous satire that probes the cosmic limits of corporate and bureaucratic folly. Like Idiocracy set in deep space.” —Emily Jane, USA Today bestselling author of On Earth as It Is on Television

Out in Paperback:

The Meister of Decimen City by Brenna Raney

“Raney’s smart, silly, and surprisingly heartfelt debut . . . is thoroughly entertaining and utterly delightful.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“VERDICT Zinging one-liners, familiar superhero tropes with hilarious twists, and defying the world’s expectations to be your authentic self combine to make this an appealing tale for older teens and adults.” —Library Journal, Starred Review

“Raney's debut is a blast [and] inventive as all get out . . .” —Booklist, Starred Review

Queen’s Catacombs by Jordan H. Bartlett

“Featuring a multinarrative structure, compelling female characters, intriguing magic, and the politics of an unjust matriarchal society, this sequel follows Jacs’ ongoing journey toward empowerment . . .” —Kirkus Reviews

Queen's Catacombs is a complex sequel with engaging characters, plot twists, mysteries, and romance.” —YA Books Central

Queen’s Catacombs is an exciting sequel to The Frean Chronicles offering us a fierce matriarch whose belief in herself and determination captures readers and gives us hope for our own Upper Realm-led world. Jacs is the relatable hero we all need, and the endearing ensemble transports us into their world offering adventure, intrigue, and a cliffhanger that will have you generating conspiracy theories with your book club.” —Nicoletta Romano, University Canada West Library

“Wonderfully imaginative and lusciously descriptive. Jacs and the perils of saving her Queendom will have you hooked to your seat for hours!” —PeakBookReviews

The Immortal Detective by D. B. Woodling

“. . . impressive vampiric worldbuilding [with] a fascinating cast.” —Publishers Weekly

The Murder of Madison Garcia by Marcy McCreary

“A gripping mystery of long-hidden, family secrets that features a fierce and utterly unforgettable female detective. McCreary’s read-it-in-one-sitting crime novel simmers with astonishing prose and clever craftsmanship. This classic who-done-it with a modern edge and whole lot of heart grabs the reader and does not let go.” —Natalie Symons, author of Lies in Bone

“Dark yet heart-felt, the second novel in this tense series is filled with long-buried secrets and surprises, right up to the shocking ending. Come for the deft plotting, but stay for the characters, including Detective Susan Ford and her father, Will, a former detective, who band together to solve this complex crime. A terrific series!” —Edwin Hill, author of The Secrets We Share

“Thoroughly engrossing, Marcy McCreary’s The Murder of Madison Garcia is a detective novel with enough potential suspects and twists to keep you guessing until the last page. Detective Susan Ford is a deeply committed and intelligent investigator, and her relationship—and partnership—with her retired detective father adds a touching warmth to the story. Highly recommended!” —Emilya Naymark, author of Behind The Lie

“The mystery behind The Murder of Madison Garcia is like peeling back an onion, each layer with its own bit of intrigue and secrets. A fun read!” —Georgina Cross, author of The Niece

New on the Podcast:

On CamCat Unwrapped we have our newest author interview, Alexander James, author of The Woodkin! You can find the episode on your preferred podcast network, as well as numerous author interviews and audiobook excerpts.

We also have new special episodes! Watch episodes one and two of Into the Margins: CamCat D&D Special with Jordan H. Bartlett (The Frean Chronicles), Elijah Menchaca (Glintchasers), and Alexander James (The Woodkin). Join us on CamCat Unwrapped as these three authors play the protagonists of their books in a world inspired by their stories!

CamCat Trade Reviews

Publishers Weekly reviewed Grand Tour: The Brass Queen II by Elizabeth Chatsworth: “Chatsworth concocts a delightful blend of magic and science, creating a world filled with parallel dimensions and alien invasions . . . Series fans and new readers alike will tear through this action-packed, twist-filled romp.” 

School Library Journal gave a starred review to Karma of the Sun by Brandon Ying Kit Boey: “This story is full of adventure, triumph, heartache, unexpected twists and betrayals, and fast-paced action. Boey flawlessly wields words, delivers a roller-coaster of emotions, and has crafted a novel that is impossible to put down.”

Booklist reviewed the audiobook for The Shabti by Megaera C. Lorenz: “This diverse period piece will appeal to a wide array of listeners as it pulls from genres ranging from historical fiction and thriller to romance and fantasy; a fine selection for its genre-crossing interest.”

Booklist reviewed the audiobook for Kill Call by Jeff Wooten: “Shedlock’s commanding narration immediately grabs the listener's attention in this young adult thriller . . . listeners will find themselves struggling to press pause as the mystery unfolds.”

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