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3 Audiobooks to Kick Off Your Yearly Reading Goal

3 Audiobooks to Kick Off Your Yearly Reading Goal

By CamCat Books Date: January 16, 2024 Tags: Books to Live In

by MC Smitherman

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a new reading goal! Whether you aim to read three books this year, or three hundred, we know that the first step is always the hardest. In this entry of our Books to Live In series we’re going over three audiobooks that will help you get your momentum for the year rolling.

For those looking for a YA crime story with summery vibes that’s engrossing, dramatic, and well-narrated, then we think you should give Summer People written by Sara Hosey and narrated by Bailey Carr a listen. Summer People is a quick listen, coming in at around seven and a half hours of lakeside mystery goodness, with a bit of teen romance in there to spice things up on the side.

If you want to stay in the crime genre, but prefer adult fiction to YA and are looking for something light to kick off your year, then give Dead on My Feet by Patricia Broderick and narrated by Cris Dukehart a go. This witty and brisk crime story is also a seven and a half hour listen that whips by thanks to the hilarious narration and colorful cast of characters that protagonist Nellie Bly encounters as she tries to write the obituary of a man whose SoCal life was wilder than anyone could have imagined.

And finally, if crime isn’t your genre, we have a cozy, heartwarming recommendation in the form of Ladies’ Day written by Lisa Williams Kline and narrated by Rachel L. Jacobs and Xe Sands. The soothing narration of Ladies’ Day will help you float into the new year as you listen to a complex, hilarious, and heartwarming story of families reuniting and women getting a second chance at a happily ever after in the strangest of places: on the golf course.

Start your year off right with a quick read to help reach that reading goal! And remember, audiobooks most certainly count as reading.


Summer People

Christmas thought her ADHD was a liability. Turns out, it is a superpower. 

Seventeen-year-old Christmas Miller is looking forward to a summer of sunbathing and waterskiing at her home in Sweet Lake with Lexi, the one friend who gets her completely, ADHD and all. But the day of Lexi's arrival, the girls have an almost-argument and worse, that night, they discover another friend, Lemy, floating face down in the lake. Though reeling from her rift with Lexi, Christmas is determined to find out who attacked Lemy, even if it means she must confront her own mother’s possible involvement in the crime.

Christmas would do anything to protect her beloved Sweet Lake community, but when the lake becomes polluted and people around her start getting hurt, Christmas must face the profound problems in Sweet Lake—and in her own family.


Dead on My Feet

Looking for a new lease on life, Nellie finds herself on the dead beat. 

Milo is dead. And Nellie Bly has to write his obituary. Not exactly what she was hoping for when she left her post as the local weather girl in Kansas for a posh Southern California beach side community. But as more and more upstanding citizens of La Joya turn up dead in ghastly ways, Nellie and her pals at the Coastal Crier join forces with Detective Wendy Nakamura to follow the murderous trail of a ruthless cartel that traffics in endangered wildlife. 

When Nellie’s eccentric landlady, former B-movie actress, Dame Catherine Cavendish, begins to drop hints that threaten to bring to light the dark secrets of the village, unsettling incidents begin happening at the Cavendish estate, endangering the motley crew of scribes. Greed, betrayal, vengeance, gangsters and old Hollywood glamour make for great copy—if Nellie can stay alive long enough to meet her deadline. 

Dead on My Feet is a quirky tongue-in-cheek adventure that will leave you breathless.


Ladies’ Day

Heartache is par for the course.

Fifteen years after her troubled daughter Julie ran away from home, Beth Sawyer stumbles across a newspaper photograph of an up-and-coming teen golfer, who not only shares her last name, but also looks just like her daughter. Sky Sawyer couldn’t possibly be her granddaughter—or could she? With her sort-of-functional life spinning out of control—and let’s not get started on her soon-to-be-married ex-husband—Beth meets Barry, a fellow golfer whom she accidentally hits with her golf ball. Will he take her to court or to dinner?

When Sky Sawyer joins her high school golf team, she hopes that the mother she thought dead may still be alive and seek her out at the championship tournament. But when she discovers that the man who raised her is not her father and a woman claiming to be her long-lost grandmother appears, her world falls apart.

With Beth and Sky fighting to gain what they both had lost, can they finally get a second chance at a happily ever after?



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