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Refreshing Rebooting Restarting

Refreshing Rebooting Restarting

By CamCat Books Date: January 15, 2020 Tags: For Authors

Refreshing, Rebooting, Restarting 

It’s been a year since the first full-time team members joined the CamCat family, and a little over a month since we released our very first book. 

It’s kinda tricky to call a “do-over!” for a blog, but hey, some of you remember the Great Rebranding Incident of 2019, so hopefully you’ll forgive us.

New and exciting things are coming to CamCat Publishing, and we’ve also gotten some terrific feedback from authors who read our blog and subscribe to our mailing list. So, it’s a now-or-never moment, and we’re jumping into the deep end of the pool. Here’s what’s new. 

First Up, a New Website

We’re in the final stretch of a website overhaul project that promises to provide a superior platform for us to showcase our authors and their books. The team has been working hard to put on the finishing touches–making sure the covers look right, testing all the buy links for the retailers, and tightening up descriptions and other marketing copy.

Our consolidated website will house both of our imprints, CamCat Books for genre fiction and CamCat Perspectives for non-fiction, and our Author Portal (which is where you are reading now). This consolidated approach will allow the team to focus on what we do best, publish books.

2020.08.13 Update – We just got the confirmation, the new website launches next month, September 2020!

Oops, Did We Really Let CamCat Perspectives Out of the Bag?

We are notoriously bad at keeping secrets. But, yes, we’re ready to share. Our newest imprint, CamCat Perspectives, will be opening for submissions in August.


CamCat Perspectives will publish non-fiction in four categories: True Crime, History, Spiritual, and Self-Help. Our editorial team is in the process of defining the submissions guidelines for Perspectives, and we expect those guidelines and the appropriate Submittable form to be ready by the end of August.

William Norris, the investigative journalist who gave us The Badger Game (released on 06/30), also has three non-fiction titles that we’ll launch on CamCat Perspectives


You Asked, We Listened

By far, we get more questions about marketing and promotion than any other category of questions from authors. So, once a month, look for a blog post dedicated to that topic.


Photo credit: Visual Content on Visual Hunt / CC BY

It’s all about reaching your readers, right? Yet promotion is probably harder for most authors than writing the actual book. We’ll cover the important aspects of an effective author platform, social media, and creative promotional activities authors can implement during these crazy COVID-19 days.

Don’t Forget the Mailing List

We send out our monthly author newsletter around the 15th (well, we try), and that’s where we try to stuff as much useful information as we can into a quick, five-minute read. We provide marketing tips, links to outstanding author resources, announce new acquisitions, and showcase our own authors’ promotional activities. Signing up is free! You can find the signup form on the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Our Commitment to Author Outreach

We love the relationships we’re building in the author community, and remain committed to creating the premiere author experience. Let us know how we’re doing – we’d love to know.

We hope you like the upcoming changes. We’re certainly excited about them.

Have specific questions or topics you’d like us to talk about? Reach out to us on Twitter.

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