The Badger Game

by William Norris

Fulford College is broke. In a desperate attempt to keep its doors open, the Florida based college joins forces with the Mafia to establish a scholarship program. This program, however, comes with a new set of students selected by the Mafia and a secret new curriculum. Little did this liberal arts college know, it was now home to the very first criminal education program in the nation.  

These brave students are now entering their senior year at Fulford during an election year. This class of well-trained criminals volunteers to work the election: half working for the Democratic campaign and half for the Republican campaign. Using the methods they learned in their sophistry class and other courses in corruption, their assignment is to help rig the presidential election in the Democratic candidate’s favor—Vice President Harold Griswold.

But when the vice president is kidnapped and replaced with a doppelgänger, things start to go awry in Washington DC. Who is this man in the White House with Hal Griswold’s face? What is the Mafia up to? And how could one identifiable feature ruin it all? 

Best-selling nonfiction writer William Norris turns his hand to comedy with a Mafia boss trying every trick in the book to seize the Presidency of the United States. Not quite as outlandish as it may seem, this story truly runs with the theme of badger games with deceit, conspiracy, and blackmail ruling the day in our nation’s capital.

“At great peril to my job and my marriage, I finished The Badger Game in three days. This is an engaging story of the corruption of a college whose graduates use as their practicum experience the complete manipulation of the US election process. Norris has a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences that lend authenticity to an otherwise outrageous tale of deception. His language is clear and straightforward, and the story stands on the strength of its plot and characters. The Badger Game delivers on the humor promised by its premise, without sinking to the silly or hopelessly implausible. His characters are engaging as well, and I found myself unable to put the book down until their dilemmas had been resolved. The only problem here is, there is no lull in the story, and no obvious place to break from it. I recommend The Badger Game without reservation.” —Jeff Taylor, Author

“THE BADGER GAME by William Norris is a very funny book. Beginning with the ill-tempered president of Fulford College, it romps all the way up the ladder to the beleaguered President of the United States. What a relief it is in this all-too-serious election year of 2008 to read a well-written parody of the election process.

“In THE BADGER GAME, an enterprising Mafia don hijacks a college to educate young members of the Family in precise modalities of criminal activity, from “The Philosophy of Extreme Prejudice” (aka Assassination) to “The Art of Persuasion.” And once he has his graduating class, he uses them to hijack the United States presidential election. The tricks the graduates use may not be dirtier than the real thing, but they are funnier. My favorite was catching the “Family Values” candidate on tape saying, “God, I hate kids.” The election spirals out of control on multiple fronts, and the story builds to a satisfying conclusion that ties up all the loose ends.

“Could a Mafia-chosen doppelganger make a worse president than the one we choose in a “fair” election? Read THE BADGER GAME and decide for yourself.” —Jaqueline Girdner, author of What’s Sex Got to do With It

“I like this book for its amusing tongue-n-cheek twist on one of the oldest scams for which the book is entitled. The story takes you on dips and dives as you try to unwind the backstabbing plot set up by a group of unlikely characters who, by book or by crook, manage to take over a college to train the next generation mafia members for a life of crime. I particularly enjoyed the ever-present threat of violence that was insinuated but never acted upon. The story pace kicks into high gear with the graduation test for the young mafioso’s to earn their degree; the young hoodlums must rig the election for the President of the United States. The final exam adds a bit of fun when a bungled kidnapping turns a political thriller into one of the most smart comedies have read in a long time. You will be a bit confused and bemused as you follow the antics of the wide assortment of scoundrels as they learn crime is a hard career choice to master.” —Jerry W Lennon, Author of The Murder Glass

William (Bill) Norris has been a professional writer since the age of sixteen, when he joined his local newspaper as an apprentice reporter. After ten years of working for various newspapers in England and Africa, Norris was appointed as Parliamentary Correspondent to the prestigious Times (of London). He is one of the youngest people to hold this position. He remained in this role for seven years, revolutionizing the art of the “parliamentary sketch” before transferring to become Africa Correspondent for The Times, covering political events and wars in Biafra, Nigeria, Angola, the Congo, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

In 1968, he became ITN’s Political Correspondent while also covering overseas stories, such as the Paris Riots happening that same year. He transitioned to freelance work in 1980 after moving to the United States. In 1997, Norris became the Associate Director of the PressWise Trust (a British media ethics charity) where he counseled young journalists to promote journalistic ethics.

Along with being an experienced writer and journalist, he has a strong public speaking background. He has spoken to students at the University of London and was the keynote speaker at both the World Health Organization conference in Moscow and a European Union conference on journalistic ethics in Cyprus. 

He now resides in the South of France with his wife Betty, two cats, and two exhausting dogs.

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