Temple of Conquest

by Mark Broe

The beautiful, mountainous, and isolated island of Eveloce is the only home Telep has ever known. As a thriving young rock climber, Telep’s goal is to reach the top societal rank of his community. But after a tragic climbing accident pushes his loved ones from their home, everything he had been working toward changes in a single instant. Telep embarks on a journey to find his friends but ends up finding much more—a world he never knew existed. 

While traveling to the Mainland, Telep comes across a massive project in dire need of his climbing abilities, and he becomes inspired to see what else his world has to offer. He meets others whose values of humankind contradict everything he was taught. He becomes conflicted about what he should believe inthe values of human progress Eveloce instilled in him or his newfound understanding of what it means to be a human.

Release Date: 09/29/2020

Mark Broe is a writer and sound recordist based in Michigan. His educational background in Media Production naturally led to work in the entertainment industry. Mark is recording sound for movies, commercials, and TV shows in his own studio. He has also directed, edited, and written scripts for short films and a web series he co-created called Boosh!.

Mark used inspiration from his own adventures for his book, Temple of Conquest. Rock climbing is Mark’s favorite hobby, so many of the events and interactions the main character experiences are based on his own encounters. For example, the character of Chandradaul is based on a real person Mark met in Guyana where he wrote much of the book. The hillspeople tribe and their rituals are inspired by the Guyanese people, and Telep traveling through the forests of the island are inspired by his experience camping in the rainforest outside of Bartica, Guyana. Many of Telep’s climbs are inspired by Mark’s own, among them a climb in Glacier National Park where one of his holds began to crack and he had to jump to another platform before it broke off completely. Even the cove is inspired by a real place, yet this one is close to Mark’s home: Crater Lake in Oregon. His main desire for this book is to provoke discussions about conquest and Manifest Destiny.

While Temple of Conquest is Mark’s first published work, he has always been a writer. He wrote several episodes for his web series as well as the short film LUCY & LIONEL (2020). His forthcoming second novel carries fantastical themes similar to Temple of Conquest.

When he is not rock climbing or writing, he is probably playing chess or volunteering for Friends of Grand Rapids Parks.

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Temple of Conquest is an ambitious novel. Not content to create just one world, first-time novelist Mark Broe unfolds one after another as his protagonist, Telep, fights, climbs and crawls his way through increasingly hostile geographical and social strata. Its concerns are as varied as the environments he creates: loss and its overcoming, bridge-building and seafaring, young love and growing up. Telep loses much in the course of his quest and the mystery that animates his journey is what he will gain –– what any of us stands to gain –– in spite of it all. Broe’s answer rings true. Andrew Steiner, Pushcart-nominated author of “La Mesa de Jesús” and other stories