Media & Reviewer Inquiries

We’ll have limited print-version ARCs available for each title. We’ll process all ARC requests from bloggers, reviewers, and other influencers as quickly as possible.

You might be new to the book review world and want to break in; if that’s the case, we’ll work with you.

We’ll never solicit only positive reviews. If we send you an ARC for review, we only ask you don’t use dirty words. And that you’ll send us a tear sheet or link to the review when you’re done. We’ll want to share your wonderful words!

If you ask for an ARC, your email address will be added to our reviewer email list, so that we can notify you about new titles. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Important stuff:
  • We’ll do our best to provide print ARC copies to reviewers who request one but may have to provide a digital copy instead. Requesting your ARC early will help ensure you get a print copy.
  • While we support a variety of voices when it comes to reviews, we want to ensure that our reviewers treat authors, books, and the reviewing process with respect. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny review copies to reviewers with a published history of unprofessional reviews.
  • We don’t pay for reviews.
  • We ask our reviewers to include a link back to our website so that readers can easily access buy links.

Happy reading!