Make Mad the Guilty

by William Norris

Jason Verne is an All-American Hero. As the first man to set foot on Mars after his lone journey into space, he quickly became a familiar figure in every living room. His good-will and human courage won over the hearts of many, including the daughter of a world-famous television evangelist, Timothy Grayson. Millions of viewers tuned in to see the Hero of Mars marry the prominent reverend’s lovely daughter. His meteoric rise didn’t end there. While settling into the limelight with his wife and new baby Timmy, he became the perfect candidate to move into the White House. 

But this kind of fame and power comes at a price.

The midnight kidnapping of Timmy Verne leaves the world aghast. Who would commit the capital offense of breaking the Lindbergh Law? 

Then veteran reporter Albert Choate notices suspicious parallels between the kidnapping of the president-elect’s only child and another event that occurred almost a hundred years ago—the Lindbergh Kidnapping. History seems to be repeating itself. Is this some sort of twisted coincidence, or could the Trial of the Century be occurring all over again for some other sinister purpose?

In Make Mad the Guilty, William Norris revisits the Lindbergh kidnapping and reincarnates family, friends, servants, and suspects, suggesting that perhaps this fictional mirror might shed new light on one of the most heart-wrenching crimes in US history.  

Coming soon.

William (Bill) Norris has been a professional writer since the age of sixteen, when he joined his local newspaper as an apprentice reporter. After ten years of working for various newspapers in England and Africa, Norris was appointed as Parliamentary Correspondent to the prestigious Times (of London). He is one of the youngest people to hold this position. He remained in this role for seven years, revolutionizing the art of the “parliamentary sketch” before transferring to become Africa Correspondent for The Times, covering political events and wars in Biafra, Nigeria, Angola, the Congo, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

In 1968, he became ITN’s Political Correspondent while also covering overseas stories, such as the Paris Riots happening that same year. He transitioned to freelance work in 1980 after moving to the United States. In 1997, Norris became the Associate Director of the PressWise Trust (a British media ethics charity) where he counseled young journalists to promote journalistic ethics.

Along with being an experienced writer and journalist, he has a strong public speaking background. He has spoken to students at the University of London and was the keynote speaker at both the World Health Organization conference in Moscow and a European Union conference on journalistic ethics in Cyprus. 

He now resides in the South of France with his wife Betty, two cats, and two exhausting dogs.

TP ISBN: 9780744300802
EBook ISBN: 9780744300819