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Eclipse of the Bright Moon

By Donald C. Lee
Categories: Fiction, Political

In mid-April 1989, in the days leading up to the infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre, former US Marine Dan Norton was finishing up his year as a professor at Shaanxi Teachers University. Little did he ...

Shadows Over London

The Faerie have come to take London, and only one girl stands in their way.

Justice isn’t your average fifteen-year-old girl. She’s an irrepressible scoundrel, and she always has a plan. But her world ...

The Lady or the Lion

“He sunk his teeth into her heart and she let him. ”

As crown princess of Marghazar, Durkhanai Miangul will do anything to protect her people and her land. When her grandfather, the Badshah, is blamed ...

Susan Ouellette

Susan Ouellette was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, where she studied international relations and Russian language and culture at both Harvard University and Boston University. As the Soviet ...

E. Ervin Tibbs

E. Ervin Tibbs was born into a family of migrant farm workers, camped under a fig tree in central California. It was 1939, the tail end of the Great Depression, and many still suffered its aftermath. ...