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Hex Breaker

By Stella Drexler
Categories: Fiction

Alexandra Quinn and Rio Mondragon run a successful magician-for-hire business, mostly handling small-time magical crimes like hexes and love potions. They operate under the watchful eye of the Bureau ...

Submission FAQs

We ask a lot of detailed questions on our Submission Questionnaire, located at

We suggest you keep this page open as you work through the questionnaire, and if any of the questions stump ...

The Saint's Mistress

By Kathryn Bashaar
Categories: Fiction

Saints are not born. Saints are made.

Told against the fourth-century backdrop of the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity, The Saint’s Mistress breathes life into the previously untold ...

Blood Cold

The legacy of a failed regime rises from the deep.

Indomitable marine biologist Chris Black is looking forward to six quiet months of scientific research off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. But ...

Dead Men's Silence

By James Lindholm
Categories: Fiction

The pirates asked for ransom. Chris Black made sure they paid the price.

En route to the Galapagos Islands for a deep-sea diving trip with a group of international college students under his care, marine ...

Penny Preston and the Raven's Talisman

When Shadow-monsters attack in the cafeteria, eighth-grader Penny Preston panics, starts a food fight and unknowingly creates a trans-dimensional rift. Summoned to the counselor’s office, she expects ...