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3 Books to Read if You Love Reality TV

By CamCat Books October 23, 2023 Tags: Books to Live In

CamCat News October 16 - November 3

By CamCat Books November 03, 2023 Tags: Company News

Black Friday Sale!

By CamCat Books November 15, 2023 Tags: Company News

7 Tips to Finish NaNoWriMo Strong

By CamCat Books November 16, 2023 Tags: For Authors

CamCat News November 4 - December 8

By CamCat Books December 08, 2023 Tags: Company News

8 Things to Do After Finishing NaNoWriMo

By CamCat Books December 12, 2023 Tags: For Authors

Renée Schaeffer

Renée Schaeffer had always been fascinated by technology and where it may lead us. A lifelong New Yorker, she has been found reading her prose at open mic nights in Manhattan. She married her childhood ...

Taylor Munsell

Taylor Munsell is a fantasy and YA author currently reading, writing, and hoarding books. She has a background in publishing, funeral directing, teaching, and content creation. She has a passion for telling ...

Jennifer Sadera

Before publishing her domestic suspense I KNOW SHE WAS THERE with CamCat Books, Jennifer Sadera was a copywriter at book publisher NAL, a magazine editor at Redbook, Woman’s World, and Beauty Digest, a ...