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CamCat Pitmad - Instructions for New Participants

CamCat Pitmad - Instructions for New Participants

By Meredith Lyons Date: March 14, 2022 Tags: For Authors

Hey writers!

Are you new to pitching events on Twitter? Here is a quick guide for how these events work, including #CamCatPitMad.

For #CamCatPitMad or other pitching events on Twitter, writers are welcome to pitch their manuscripts  within the 280-character limit. Choose wisely! This is your chance to catch a publisher’s or agent’s attention.

If a publisher or agent likes your pitch, they will heart your tweet, meaning this is an invitation to submit your manuscript to them. Be sure to read their submission guidelines carefully before submitting. You can find ours here.


We do not accept previously published manuscripts. “What does this mean,” you ask? Any manuscript that has been available for sale or has been posted for free on any retailer or website or has been published in print will not be accepted. We want polished and completed unpublished manuscripts only.

Please do not pitch at our staff directly. We will not consider these pitches.

If you are not an agent or publisher, please do not heart another writer’s tweet. If you’d like to support your fellow writers, we recommend using the “retweeting with quote function.”

Now that we’ve talked about the Don’ts, let’s talk about the Do’s.



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