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CamCat News June 2024

CamCat News June 2024

By CamCat Books Date: July 08, 2024 Tags: Company News

We are excited to announce that CamCat Books has been named Foreword’s 2023 INDIE Publisher of the Year! Our titles are also the recipients of two Foreword INDIES awards and 17 IPPY Awards.


New Releases:

The Boy from Two Worlds by Jason Offutt, out 6/4/2024

“[An] unholy mash-up of creepy, high-body-count paranormal thrills . . . Readers will find themselves well sated before the end.” —Publishers Weekly, on The Girl in the Corn

The Girl in the Corn is a haunting, unsettling, gripping novel. I will have nightmares of circles filled with needle teeth for years to come. In these cornfields are such original, disturbing beasts—I was hypnotized by their presence on the page.” —Richard Thomas, Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson nominee, on The Girl in the Corn

“Norse mythology gives this story . . . a unique touch [with] an exhilarating conclusion.” —Booklist, on The Girl in the Corn

“This was an outstanding blend of horror, speculative fiction, and apocalyptic fantasy topped with madness . . . The Girl in the Corn is one of the first great horror novels of 2022.” —HorrorDNA, on The Girl in the Corn

How to Get Over Your (Best Friend’s) Ex by Kristi McManus, out 6/11/2024

“Perfect for fans of Mean Girls and Jenny Han, How to Get Over Your (Best Friend’s) Ex is a candid and dynamic story of friendship, heartbreak and being true to yourself. Hannah is relatable and angsty in all the best ways!” —Hailey Alcaraz, author of Up in Flames

How to Get Over Your (Best Friend’s) Ex is sweeter than ice cream on a hot summer day. Readers will devour every page.” —Ali Novak, author of My Life with the Walter Boys

“Relatable and captivating in all the best ways, How to Get Over Your (Best Friend’s) Ex is a brilliant coming of age story that explores the complexities of love, friendship, and how to be true to yourself.” —Jessica Cunsolo, author of She's With Me

“Sweet, sexy, and utterly engaging, How to Get Over Your (Best Friend’s) Ex charmed me from the very first page. The more I read the deeper I fell. Swoon!” —Jennifer Niven, #1 NY Times bestselling author of All the Bright Places

How to Get Over Your (Best Friend’s) Ex by Kristi McManus is a funny & heartwarming story that will take you on a rollercoaster ride through the turmoils of high school friendships & off-limits relationships. I would highly recommend!” —Rachel Meinke, author of Along for the Ride

“A cute rom-com in which Hannah makes it her mission to stop crushing on Seth . . . McManus does a good job at interweaving relationships, especially between Hannah and Seth. The chemistry flies off the page . . .” YA Books Central

When I Was Alice by Jennifer Murgia, out 6/25/2024

“All in Hollywood might not be gold, but Jennifer Murgia’s new book definitely is. A thrilling, high-stakes super-fun ride, the gifted Murgia takes no prisoners in this heart-felt, heart-thumping novel.” —Carrie Jones, internationally & NYT bestselling author of the NEED series

“Like an immersive, romantic whodunnit episode of Quantum Leap, When I Was Alice drew me in and left me desperate for a sequel!” —Gretchen McNeil, author of Ten and #murdertrending

“A haunting thriller of a book—Murgia delivers a timeslip whodunnit, immersing us in old Hollywood’s glitter and glamour while exposing its darkest undercurrents.” —Lisa Amowitz, author of An Island Strange and Wild

“[A] genre-bending time-travel tale that melds mystery and romance in glittering Old Hollywood . . . VERDICT: At once frothy and dark, this book will appeal to mystery and thriller fans who loved TV’s Quantum Leap, the “Outlander” series, or the works of Susanna Kearsley.” —Library Journal

“As she seeks the truth, Grace does the acting job of her life, not only to learn Alice’s lines but also to save herself. This is Murgia’s first adult novel, and it will appeal to fans of 1950s films and light sf.” —Booklist

Our Vengeful Souls by Kristi McManus

“Magic, Greek mythology, and revenge intertwine in this retelling of a classic . . . An enjoyable take on a villain’s origin story.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A fantastically imaginative weaving of Greek myth and fairytale, unlike any retelling I've ever read.” —Bella Higgin, author of Belle Morte and Revelations

“Fast-paced with many action scenes, Sereia’s journey ultimately leads to an understanding that sometimes one has to be displaced to find out where one belongs.” —Booklist

Ladies’ Day by Lisa Williams Kline

Ladies' Day is beautifully written; a compelling, emotional journey of grief, hope and above all else love. I couldn’t put it down.” —Marlene Adelstein, USA Today bestselling author of Sophie Last Seen

“Heartfelt and tender, Ladies' Day is a story of the enduring bonds of family, assuring readers that love, even when tested, is never truly lost.” —Kim Wright, author of Last Ride to Graceland, winner of the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction

Ladies’ Day is smart and sweet, with a surprisingly sharp edge of humor. Lisa Kline’s writing will appeal to fans of golf, certainly, but also to anyone who wants a heartwarming and thoroughly entertaining family drama.” —Kimmery Martin, author of Doctors and Friends

“[A] heartfelt examination of what it means to be and to have a daughter.” —Library Journal

They Split the Party by Elijah Menchanca

“Menchaca raises the stakes of his Glintchasers series in this rollicking sequel to They Met in a Tavern . . . Series fans and new readers alike will find plenty to enjoy.” —Publishers Weekly

“[An] exciting follow up in the Glintchasers series . . . ” —Booklist

New on the Podcast:

This month on CamCat Unwrapped we are featuring The Horoscope Writer by Ash Bishop. Find CamCat Unwrapped on your favorite podcast platform to listen to an excerpt from the audiobook and a special book club discussion. 

CamCat Trade Reviews

Booklist reviewed A Misfortune of Lake Monsters by Nicole M. Wolverton: “Wolverton’s knack for vivid descriptions, creepy settings, and snappy banter among the relatable characters keeps this entertaining horror novel moving at a fast pace. Perfect for teen monster-horror fans who like eerie quests with plenty of personal discoveries thrown in.”

Publishers Weekly reviewed Touch of Death by Taylor Munsell: “Via appropriately eerie prose that fits in well with its witchy contemporaries, debut author Munsell smartly balances horror beats with sardonic humor; steady pacing and a pervading sense of dread anchors the myriad interconnected story lines.” 

Kirkus Reviews reviewed Touch of Death by Taylor Munsell: “[The] central themes of family bonds, death, and grief are well executed and add complexity . . . An entrancing, emotionally insightful story . . .”

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